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2022 NWR Forum Awards - Best Multiplatform Game


The 2022 NWR Forum AwardsBest Multiplatform GameThe results of the poll will only be revealed once the voting is done (December 13). You should be able to change your vote until then. Make sure to sound off in the comments if the game is on your backlog as we can have a separate award for that. Even though the official nominees list is closed, you can still reply with a write-in. Best of luck to all the nominees.

A lot of games here so this should be interesting. I am still waiting on Limited Run for Shredder's Revenge. I did pick up the steel book version of Atari 50. Cult of the Lamb was high on my list as well but the NWR review made me think I will get it on PS5.

Luigi Dude:
The only game on that list I've played is Shredder's Revenge so that will get my vote by default.  Of course it was still a very enjoyable game that did a good job of modernizing the TMNT beat-em-up formula.  I would rank it number 3 in my list of TMNT games with Manhattan Project for NES as my favorite and Turtles in Time for SNES as my second favorite.  The overall gameplay of Shredder's Revenge is great with combat being very fluid and it's got an amazing soundtrack, but the game is very unbalanced.  The normal mode is way too easy and the hard mode while overall is better, has several sections and boss fights that are fundamentally broken making it pretty frustrating at times.

Seriously, you can't tell me they playtested Level 13 on Arcade mode and said, "Yeah this is fine."  The boss of that level on Hard mode is such broken garbage that I almost stopped playing.  Hell, the only way I was able to eventually beat it was by every time I played the game unless I was playing well enough to the point where I thought I could get to Level 13 with at least 4 lives, I'd restart the whole game.  I need at least 2 lives to beat the boss of that level and the rest of that level usually kills me at least once, so unless I can get there with 4 lives, I'd be fucked since the default 3 lives that you have when you use a continue just wasn't enough.

Actually, I wonder if I'm one of the few crazy enough to even beat Arcade mode on Hard.  When I finally beat it, my score on the Switch leaderboards has me at number 195 for solo hard mode scores. I see on Steam, only 1.8% of people who bought the game beat Arcade mode on hard as well.  So I guess my complaints are something the average gamer isn't going to care about since most don't even seem to care about the Arcade mode, let alone its hardest setting.

Congratulations to the Winners from The Game Awards

* Elden Ring took home the coveted Game of the Year award as well as Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, and Best Role Playing Game

The Award for Best Multiplatform Game Goes To...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's RevengeIt was already quite a year for TMNT fans with the Cowabunga Collection, but lightning struck twice with the release of this new entry in the series. Developed by Tribute Games and released June 16, 2022 for all major platforms, the game sold a million copies in its first week!
NWR gave the game a 9/10 with reviewer Jordan Rudek calling the game "a lovingly crafted, action-packed experience with fun and playful callbacks to classic Turtles games, a pantheon it will surely be joining".
With 3 out of 5 forum users rooting for the Turtles they are the deserved winner.
Thanks to everyone who voted or commented in this inaugural awards presentation!


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