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Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Final Four

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We've now reached that last stages of the game. The original list of 10 has been whittled down to four.

BeautifulShy: A longtime veteran of NWR forum games, but someone who's never won Safe Words before.

TOPHATANT123: The first player eliminated in the last game, trying to go worst to first.

Order.RSS: Finished middle of the pack the last couple games, looking to break through here.

and, of course, Khushrenada, the defending champion who I'm sure would love nothing more than to win the game I'm hosting to repeat.

Khush has selected the bomb word for the fourth time in this game, so now it's up to BeautifulShy:

Which of these second bananas was the real hero of their story?

Andy Richter

[Reserved for final results.]


Fandom shift

As a long time fan of all types of music but more recently(Past 10 years)  the K Pop fandom there tends to be lots of different members leaving these large groups and then focusing on their own careers.  So to the tune of that, I only have eyes for you, Art Garfunkel

Also go listen to Girls Generation new song, Forever 1!!!  It is so wonderful and amazing!!

The first pick of the final four is in, and...

Khush strikes again.


--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on August 26, 2022, 04:28:01 AM ---Khush strikes again.

--- End quote ---

(You knew it was coming.)

The Khushrenada Reign of Terror continues!

Round 1 - Khushrenada selects the bomb word
Round 2 - Luigi Dude selects the bomb word
Round 3 - Khushrenada selects the bomb word
Round 4 - MASB selects the bomb word
Round 5 - TOPHATANT123 selects the bomb word
Round 6 - Khushrenada selects the bomb word
Round 7 - Khushrenada selects the bomb word
Round 8 - Khushrenada selects the bomb word
Final Round - ???

Well, over half the bomb words this game will have been selected by me. Definitely hope I can make the most of that opportunity to get the back-to-back win. But just like I had to face the tough challenge of getting past Insanolord last game, I fear TOPHATANT123 is taking on the role of formidable opponent for this game. A two-time winner who makes a lot of Final Four appearances, the only player besides me to select a bomb word and still be in the game and depending on how this round goes, he could end up in control of it for the Final Round. Plus, there have been a couple times already that players have had a worst to first redemption win.

Then there's Order.RSS who's got to be pretty darn happy with an almost free ride to the Finals and how things have been playing out. He's no doubt hoping I take out TOPHATANT123 this round and then all he has to do is make the right 50/50 choice and steal the victory from under my nose. That level of skullduggery should only be performed by a true professional like myself. I'm on to you too, Order.RSS! (If that's even your real name!)

Yes sir. The pressure is on now to seal the deal.


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