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Forum Rules Updated re: Avatars


We have updated the Forum Rules to include guidelines and rules regarding the use of off-site Avatars.  While the rules page may take a while to upload, we've included the changed text below.  Remember, your continued use of the Forums is tacit agreement to abide by the rules, and regardless of whether you have read them or not, failure to abide by the rules can result in your being banned from the Forum.  Enjoy the new feature!

You may add a custom avatar (also called a "author icon") to your profile.  It should be no more than 64x64 pixels in physical size, and no more than 20KB in data size.  It should not contain any offensive graphics or needless animation, and you agree to remove or change your avatar if requested by a moderator.  Planet GameCube Forums reserves the right to remove the avatar feature at any time if it is deemed to be causing problems with page loading times, or causing unnecessary strain on server resources.  Use of images in your avatar falls under the same rules as linking to any image in the Forums ... they must be hosted on your own personal webspace, and should not be linked to any other site's bandwidth without their knowledge.  Violation of this rule will result in your being banned from the Forums.

OK, so it's the end of the first day with Avatars, and there are already PLENTY of you who seem to think that you don't have to follow the rules above.

Let me remind you that if this continues, we will simply turn them back off again and be done with it.  We can't (and won't) spend all day, every day, asking people to keep their icons down below a certain size.  And MANY of you are clearly stealing your images from other sites as well.  Don't think we haven't noticed.

I highly suggest that people start following the rules.  I'd hate to have to turn off the Avatars for everyone except the Staff.  In the meantime, you violators can expect to have your avatars removed/replaced if we can't contact you by Private Message, or if you choose not to respond.  Enjoy.

One thing I'm noticing is that those of you using Homestead to host your images are having some inconsistencies.  Sometimes we can see your author icon, but much of the time, all that shows is a red x.  You may want to check with Homestead's policies to be sure they allow off-site linking.

To follow up: It seems that using the files hosted at Homestead is fine, but do note that they are still more inconsistent than other services, and much of the time other users will not see your icon.

I'd also like to point out to some of you linking to icons listed at other sites, that in most cases this is still considered bandwidth theft.  Sites like IGN that offer buddy icons do so for their own forum services, and they should not be linked to from our forums or any other webspace.  This doesn't include sites like sigup.com which exist for the purpose of hosting icons and reducing rampant bandwidth theft.

Bumping for give-this-rule-more-attention, and a reminder that I can host avatars if you contact me via AIM (paranoiasuper) or on PGC's chat.


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