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We're getting pretty tired of seeing people responding to threads questioning why the thread isn't locked yet, or telling users that they've screwed up.  It's unnecessary.  In case you hadn't noticed, we're pretty responsive here, and there's rarely anything going on that we're unaware of.  If you have a complaint about a thread/message, use the "Report this to a Moderator" link, and we'll take care of it.  There is no need for you to address it publicly yourself.  And if we wanted to get technical about it, it would be considered both posting off-topic and flame-bait, and is itself against the rules.  It would be kind of ironic to get banned yourself for pointing out something that would get someone else banned, huh?


I've seen a huge increase in obnoxious behavior towards other users.  Please, be respectful, and let us handle the moderation.  I find it pretty sad that there are a ton of threads with so-called intelligent posters flaming a new person, and none of them used the Report button to let us know that there was a problem to begin with.

I don't really want to start banning the older posters around here, but maybe I'll need to make some examples of a few of you if this keeps up.

Oh hey guys
I'm the new forum mod on the beat, Don't forget to keep using that 'report to moderator' link to give me the heads up on any bad threads.

Goofy people are actually reporting Dr. Z. for faking modness. You do know that he couldn't post here if he wasn't a mod right?


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