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Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Final Four

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Darn the luck. My brief streak of bomb word sniping is over. I kept thinking of selecting the middle option but talked myself out of it because of last game. Mop it up had control of the bomb word in the Final Three and selected the middle option. She wound up stuck with her choice in the end and I feared that could happen to me with the middle choice.

Well, I was hoping to save this for the Final Round in the hopes I had the bomb word but that won't happen now so I guess I'll make some more Safe Words history by playing this gambit now to further increase the mind games and make the choice a bit more stressful....

Alright, Order.RSS. Let's make this interesting.

Luigi is the safe word. Milhouse is the bomb word.

Am I lying.....?

Would Khush really do that? Log onto the Internet and publicly tell lies, forever tarnishing his stalwart reputation as a beacon of truth...?

I pick Luigi. Surely Khush wouldn't knowingly deceive another, undermining his position as trusted community leader, for the mere benefit of minor personal glory.

Hmmmm. I see......

There's only one thing to do now


I can't believe Khush would go so far as to try to deceive someone, but his sneaky, underhanded tactics worked, and now he's a 50-50 shot away from repeating as champion.

Requesting Insano to use his mod powers for the Greater Good and change Khush's forum signature to "Signed, an Untrustworthy Liar", so other innocent victims may be spared this indignity in the future.


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