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Apparently April is the cut off date for new 3DS submissions to the eshop.


Mighty No. 9 confirmed releasing this year on 3DS. I can't wait!

I am aware of a 3DS game still in development. It is called Dream-Prison Wanderer. Info can be found here: I plan to pick it up if it releases on 3DS, but probably not an another system.

I just received word that the above game will not be released on 3DS  :'(

Here is the newsletter sent out by the developer:

News Email: February 28th, 2021
☙ The Dream-Prison Wanderer Gazette ❧

The Game Won't Release on 3DS
And I'm As Shocked As You Are
Surely You're Joking
_ Afraid not. There was no one in the world more excited than me to release the game on New Nintendo 3DS, and we attempted to for as long as we could. The problem is, Nintendo had other plans. I'm under contract not to go into the details, but it's sufficient to say that Nintendo made it so that releasing Dream-Prison Wanderer onto 3DS in time to monetize the release would be utterly impossible. I'm not even talking about the news that the eShop closes next year or that August is the latest you can add funds to the eShop. Nintendo made further decisions which I am not allowed to share that nevertheless further killed any hopes we had of carrying out our plan. This all happened very suddenly and very early, in our opinion. We know it was a risk that Nintendo would shut down the eShop early but we had hoped they wouldn't be so swift and cruel about it.

A very interesting read about some last minute e-shop development projects


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