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The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread

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Ian Sane:
I fortunately bought toilet paper right before the world went nuts.  Wasn't trying to stockpile or anything, just was low on toilet paper so I bought the same sized pack I usually buy when I was grocery shopping.  Now you can't find any.

NBA has suspended it's season.  MLB and NHL just said they're going to suspend their's.  The NFL hasn't said they would but considering their season doesn't start until September that it is rather silly that anyone is even asking them this far off.

Am I allowed to take this seriously and also think it's being overblown?  This isn't the Spanish flu.  We didn't act like civilization as we knew was over with SARS and that so far was deadlier.  I think we should take proper precautions and banning large gatherings temporarily to prevent the spread is a good idea.  Hoarding supplies is insane.  Talking about events that are months and months away as if society could just shut itself down for a year is insane.

I don't have a bomb shelter fulled of canned food.  At some point in the next few days I have to leave my house if I want to eat.  That's reality.

Mop it up:
I guess it's fortuitous that I happened to buy some rutt wipe last time I was at the store. I got the largest package they had, simply because it worked out to being the cheapest per unit.

I had a friend purchase a good portion of food because their food stamps came in on the 10th and it was like late night. So I should be good for the possible 14 days if I am having any symptoms or anyone else.  I worry about my mom as she is over 65 and she tends to live in the living room and I am back in my own room so I could stay in my room for a time except for food and taking care of hygiene.   I think on the 9th I went to Walgreens to get some meds and then go to the doctors to have it injected into me. HRT for those curious.

 I took the bus to and from my docs to home and walked a block and a half from the closest bus stop to the house. I know what kind of effects I feel after the injections but on the 10th or so I was sneezing a lot and coughing a lot but no fever. No achy joints so I knew it couldn't be the flu or COVID-19 because with the regular flu there is achy joints, coughing and sneezing. COVID-19  is dry cough and a fever. I had no fever so it is probably just allergies since I had watery eyes and my stomach was all twisted. However for everyone's sake I am going to try and be mindful of others and myself so we don't possibly get each other sick. 

I guess this is good as time to work on my backlog of games, work on what clothes I want to donate and other life goals.

It's the same here too, but now there's signage up limiting everyone to 1 per person.

Antibacterial wipes have all disappeared too which is concerning because i have to work with people's grubby laptops. Still lots of bleach though...

Ian Sane:
So here in Canada the Prime Minister's wife has been diagnosed with the virus.

My brother had a co-worker blow off feeling under the weather and insisting that he can't afford to miss work so he's going to come in no matter what.  I should point out that this guy makes a lot more than my brother, who can afford to miss work for a few weeks, and has no real excuse for being in such dire financial shape.  My brother pointed out to him that it isn't about him getting sick, it's about getting other people sick.  I'm young enough and in good enough health that I'm not concerned about getting the virus myself.  I'm concerned about infecting my parents who are 70 and are on that bubble where there is serious risk of death.  I'm also concerned about my grandpa who's in his 90's and would almost certainly not survive such an illness.

Personally I had a cold a few weeks ago and was worried as hell about it.  Kept myself away from the outside world.  It died down after a few days but a stubborn cough remains.  I have asthma and it is normal for colds to flare that up and leave me with a lingering cough for weeks after.  There is no fever and wasn't one even when the cold was at its worse and that seems to be a key symptom.  I bought a thermometer and my temperature is normal.  I had a big sneezing fit this morning and my nose was running like crazy during my cold, which is not a symptom of the virus.


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