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Another good session of Perfect Dark multiplayer. Although it seemed a little less lively with the absence of James for most of it... maybe just a little slower then last night. Either way it was fun but doesn't really change the way I see the game. It's still full of issues but with a large party, still tons of fun to play. :D

Apart from discussing the game, I'm ready to play it again! :D
If the session is still set to go for tonight send me an invite when you are all ready.

My impression of Perfect Dark's singleplayer though so far (finished on the easy difficulty and now starting over on the middle) is that it gets bogged down trying to imitate the modern Half-Life style of gameplay, .

That's quite interesting...

I never really saw any connection between the two games, Perfect Dark and Half-Life, although I'm usually kinda slow at that kind of thing so since you mentioned it I can recall some scenarios within the game that make the game play in a similar way. I do remember playing through it and thinking that some levels were way too long or the way in which they implemented the objectives did so in a way that only extended the game by creating seemingly pointless backtracking or other such means of wandering around the level endlessly searching for some mundane switch or lever that the game gives no hint as to its location.

I find it kind of funny that you appreciate the game for what it does for multiplayer while I praise the game more for its single player campaign. I suppose that only shows testament to a truly good game that is able to expand interest to a variety of players and not only in one mode or the other, such as modern games that are solely single player with tacked on multiplayer modes.

TalkBack / Re: Project Café Game Concepts
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:45:34 PM »
After playing along with the Retroactive of Perfect Dark it got me thinking about the evolution of Nintendo consoles and the way that they play first person shooters. Although Nintendo often seems to leave the FPS genre behind compared to its highly prized platforming Mario titles and other first party games, when you look at the evolution of first person shooters on Nintendo consoles, it has always been innovative. Although this is not to say it has always been the best as I was told the N64 used an interesting setup of strafing and aiming using the one analog stick and C-buttons. I can only shudder at the thought of how difficult that must have been. But this was changed again with the Gamecube and for this example I'll use the Metroid titles which used a system of movement with the control stick then aiming while you held down the left trigger. Although this wasn't much better then what I presume using the N64 setup would have been like, it was different. Change was implemented again with the introduction of the Wii, which offered an amazing system of the current point-and-click aiming. This system works wonderfully and it's sad to see that Nintendo hasn't really pushed the genre to compete with the more popular FPS games such as Halo and Call of Duty on the other platforms. On a side note, although it is not a main console, the DS also offered unique controls with the touchpad such as with Metroid Hunters, which also performed well and was fun to play. Again, also very little support from Nintendo to continue the FPS genre on the DS. From all of this my point is to come to the next Nintendo system: Project Cafe. Perhaps I'm missing something but the controller really does not seem to be very innovative as far as I can tell. Placing a DS on a remote is far from unique, why not just play the system with multiple DS systems then? Does anyone have any speculations on how Nintendo might use the new controller to create a unique and different way to play first person shooters, or do you think they might just fall in line with the Xbox 360 and PS3 and just use a dual analog control with some touch screen usage?

Just throwing out my thoughts but in the end I suppose we'll have to wait for the release at E3 to truly know how things will turn out.

TalkBack / Re: Heroes of Ruin Detailed
« on: June 01, 2011, 01:43:56 PM »
So maybe I missed something when I read the article, but will this be a rougelike dungeon game or dungeons like in Final Fantasy III or the like? Either way I like the sounds of it, and love to see Square Enix making new games outside of the Final Fantasy series which has been milked to death....

Not going to quote as that would stretch the page to a ridiculous length for only a few replies, so to Adadad:

Duh, I completely forgot, as I haven't actually dug out my N64 from the depth of my closet in years, that the N64 only had one analog stick. feel pretty foolish now... :P:

Anyhow on that note, Now I must destroy my ethos and reconsider my previous post as I'm not sure how I would have handled the controls had I played it when it was released. On one hand I may have picked it up with the same learning curve as I did with the first FPS that I played, Metroid Prime 2, or being younger and more preoccupied with simpler titles my previous post may still have applied and I would have still rejected first person titles in place of those other platformers. Since now that I realise that Perfect Dark set the precedent for the 3D Metroid games with it's "simpler" albeit terrible set of controls I refer to as "freeze-frame aiming" I may have just picked it up at the same pace. Although on a side note as my parents at the time were extremely controlling over the rating of the games that I played, there would be no chance they would have ever gotten the game for me with its "M" rating so I suppose either way things would have led the same way.

I see your point that those older titles with their "bad controls" at the time were indeed laying the road for first person controls for consol gaming. Although I can't fully appreciate the controls themselves as to me its quite clunky, I can appreciate the precedent it sets, as I suppose without these clunky controls we wouldn't have the more fine tuned aiming systems that we have today.

Although I have found many reasons to bash on the game, I don't want to leave the impression that I think it is a bad game. Although I don't have the same retro-nostalgic attachment to Perfect Dark as others have, it's still fun to play and offers a variety of modes and setting that modern games have strayed away from. Although you could say that some of the more off the wall type games in Call of Duty: Black Ops could have been inspired by some of the settings in those older titles. It is fun to play a shooter that really does not take itself seriously and offers gameplay that while "modern" gamers might have a slight period of adjustment to older controls, is just plain fun to play.

I've never heard of being able to use two controllers to play with a dual analog setup? although as I've never played shooters on the N64 that may be why...

TalkBack / Re: Pokédex 3D Coming to 3DS eShop
« on: June 01, 2011, 01:10:12 AM »
It will be nice to see Nintendo offering some real content to their systems that will actually make use of their capabilities rather than the garbage that was released on the "Nintendo Channel", although only time will tell if this will become a reoccurring trend, or if the 3DS eShop will share the same fate... :\

Aside from entering the multiplayer session last minute, I actually do want to talk about the game itself as a part of Retroactive. Although I really have little to say compared to the people who have played the game since the original N64 release, as I have only played the game for under a year since I downloaded it during the summer of gaming sale on XBLA last year. I'm not sure how I missed this game when it was first released but I suppose it was because I was younger and not really into First Person Shooters but instead played Super Mario 64, Smash Bros and Mario Kart for most of the time that I had my N64. It wasn't until Metroid Prime 2 on the Gamecube that I really discovered the FPS genre. Coming back to some of the older titles such as now with Perfect Dark and hopefully soon to pick up Goldeneye on Wii, yeah I know it's still not the "Retro" version but, close enough right? anyhow, I think if I would have played it back then, being only 17 now, I would have been under 10 when I got my N64, I probably would have been turned off of the FPS genre had I gotten into it at a early age. The controls are far from smooth, frame rate causes characters to often glitch across the screen and altogether difficult to master the controls. Granted you could argue that this point would be only relative to playing more modern games as going back to Super Mario 64 the controls are also very "Bad", but when I first played Halo 2 after I started to get into First Person Shooters, I really wasn't blown away by it. It took me awhile to get the hang of the dual analog controls with moving and looking at the same time, and granted with time it soon became one of my favorite games, even though at the time I didn't have an xbox. In the end I believe that had I started earlier I wouldn't have caught on as quickly and would have most likely completely rejected the genre of games in place of my more preferred and in general "simpler" Mario titles. My final point in all of this is to simply say that from my point of view, as a gamer who got into the FPS genre more recently with more modern games, the multiplayer is quite broken, although that is not to say it isn't fun. We just finished the community session with James, and that was one of the most fun I have had playing a simple yet "complicated" retro game.

In terms of campaign the game can get more credit from me than it can in terms of the multiplayer learning curve that I compared to when I first got into shooters in general. On terms of gameplay I found it to be much smoother than with the multiplayer. It rarely gave me reason to gripe about bad performance and generally ran pretty smooth, and for an older game, had I played it when it first came out, I would have been impressed with the graphics, in fact, still am. It is indeed a game that had aged well with a history of over ten years under its belt, and can be played without cringing your eyes in pain over terrible graphics, better than can be said for some "new" games I have played on the xbox 360. In terms of story, well, I hope I'm not the only one who played through and during the credit roll just said "what the hell just happened?" The campaign is fun to play offering interesting objectives to which I'm not sure if there are any differences between the xbox version and original N64 but I doubt it. I only played on one of the easy difficulties, although I did do the first level on the hardest difficulty for an achievement and can say that I wasn't fun. The game just throws so many bullets at you while making you do many more objectives then are required on the easy mode that it's barely possible to play, let alone finish, which I was only able to do by following a speed run that cuts most of the level out. Aside from the difficulty, just throw it on easy and play through the game, it's definitely worth playing and as it's not very long of a game unless you just find a reason to be utterly disgusted by the game, you should be engrossed in it to not be bored until you reach the end. This is helped by the way in which the game gives you newer weapons to use throughout the game and if on the 360, my personal favorites: Achievements. In the end it is a good game and worth getting as it's only around ten bucks on XBLA, or if you want to go retro I have no idea how much it runs, or the cost of the expansion card thing which is required to play most of the content on the actual game. My outlook on the game may be a little more critical than what some others may think based on the reason that I don't have the same nostalgia value towards it that they might, but I believe I give it a fair shot and if you get bored of Smash Bros, this is a good retro shooter to pull out during a LAN party.

So, I'm not sure if there is a real reason or specific point that is supposed to be covered in Retroactive posts, but here is my two cents about Perfect Dark, my history with it, and opinions. After over two years of being a behind the curtain member, and even longer that I've been listening to the podcast, I think it's about time that I truly join the community and participate with Retroactive.

Good games guys and I look forward to more community activities in the future. After tonight, I'll be sure not to miss any! :D

I just happened to be checking out the retroactive post after catching up on the last few episodes and I had missed the last multiplayer event, if it ever ended up even happening, but if someone hosting the thing tonight sees this and the session is still going to happen, send me an invite please :D

GT: Nik Vendiers

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