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Super Metroid has taken over my life... again.


I'd like to dedicate this thread to my #1 favorite game of all time, Super Metroid. It's all I can think about during the day, and its all i've been doing for the past 2 weeks. I'm not knew to this game either. When I first got it back in '94 the effect was very much the same, but somehow now it seems different. Better. This game is a true classic. It only gets better with age, a trick few others like it can pull off. Surely some of you out there have an experience with this game or maybe another. Post about your favorite game of all time.

Although there is only one  

SUPER METROID FREAKING OWNS.   Quite possibly THE greatest game of all time.  I know I've played through it at least 30-40 times by now.   My best time is 1:23 with 100% items.   I haven't played it as much since Prime came out (a very worthy sequel).

Indeed, Super Metroid is awesome.  Nothing beats swinging around on the Grappling Hook (much better than the 3D hook.)


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