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Lol. Yes actually reviewing my posting history shows that I did make a bunch of posts when I was playing Animal Crossing.

I will get the new Animal Crossing when it comes out, but as of yet Smash is the only online game I'm playing on Switch.

I did add everyone in this thread, unless I missed someone unintentionally. Not that it seems to matter as the matchmaking is so bad that even when I see someone else is online, and playing smash I can't communicate with them to set up a match.

Mop it up:
I don't play Smash, but I s'pose I could still add you anyway.

I guess I should bump this thread since I got a new Switch Lite.  I am going to add everyone in this thread shortly but here is mine. 


Don't have any games yet aside from the SNES system, NES system, Namco Museum Pac-Man VS, and Super Kirby Clash.  I will either get New Horizons or Pokemon Shield next month.   But yeah I finally have a Nintendo console again. Missed out on the Wii U. But yeah good times area ahead. 

Edit: I added everyone I knew on the forums. BnM I tried adding your code but it wasn't able to find you which I am guessing has to do with the issues you had so message me your new code if you wish to do so.

Welcome to the Switch Party. However, you'll find the true Nintendo Gaming Heroes are still playing Wii U (or at least GameCube) games and stuff.

Got a switch on Black Friday last year and forgot to post my code here


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