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Not a hater but... (future prediction)

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Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: ThePerm on May 02, 2023, 09:50:23 PM ---It's kind of amazing Nintendo hasn't done enormous price cut's to boost sales and it's still one of their best of all time.

--- End quote ---

Well that's what happens when Nintendo combined their home and handhelds divisions to create a system that has all the strengths of both, with none of the weaknesses.  It also helps that Microsoft and Sony aren't even trying to compete with the Switch, giving Nintendo a complete monopoly on a hybrid gaming system.  Also the rest of the industry isn't even trying to compete with Nintendo in terms of the games they develop.  People love to bitch about Pokemon but both games on the Switch were 20 million plus sellers.  What are Microsoft and Sony trying to do that could appeal to that Pokemon audience?  They ain't doing anything so if those 20 million plus people want an experience like Pokemon, you have to buy a Switch.

Also helps that Nintendo made a system that was easy to port this time as well.  That's why the vast majority of indie games hit the system, and even a good number of major triple AAA titles have been ported to the Switch, despite originally being developed for more powerful hardware.  So not only has Nintendo been able to provide a constant supply of their own unique games, but they have a ton of third party as well.  Because of this there hasn't been any droughts in the systems lifespan, which has given it insane momentum.  Even now when the year to year sales have been declining, it's still been a small decline, which Nintendo has even said some of that decline is do to supply issues as well.

When you add this all up, the system is an unstoppable monster.

With the Switch successor rumours starting to gain steam, I was randomly reminded of this thread. What an absolute gem. Going from "10 million lifetime sales" to being within a stone's throw of PS2 and DS for the best-selling system of all time when it's all said and done. Truly an underdog story if ever there was one.

I hope our friend makes a comeback for his Switch 2 predictions.

Y’all, I *am* a hater, and I’m worried about the Switch 2. Is it doomed to fail? What does failure look like for a successor to one of the highest selling consoles of all time?


--- Quote from: Evan_B on October 04, 2023, 08:05:47 AM ---What does failure look like for a successor to one of the highest selling consoles of all time?
--- End quote ---

Then again, there’s also DS to 3DS. It’s wild that Nintendo had successors of two of its most successful platforms perform in vastly different ways within the same time frame.

Nintendo’s success rate with successor platforms is pretty strong so while it’s completely understandable too be skeptical, I’m not. A Switch successor is like the easiest layup in the world. Not impossible to screw up, but like Nintendo would have to go so far out of its way to do so.

The next Nintendo System:

"We are pleased to introduce a new way to play videogames. We hope you look forward to our new system which will be launching with Super Mario Bros. Theremin and Metroid Prime 4: Gestures. We will introduce many more theremin controlled games in the months to come. Now let's see the system in action!"

"Looking good!"


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