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Oculus Quest 2: Entering the VR from the comfort of my BR

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Got it to work!!!

had to download the new Roblox Player, which opened the roblox website, and then when you start the game through the player on the website, it opens the app and through the headset you are now in VR mode.

previously, I just tried to go through the website or the app.
the website would lead to the app, and even going straight through the app didn't work.

OMG. My daughter is TERRORIZING the poor Roblox characters in VR Mode while citing anime!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Edit: she was referring to The Promised Neverland demons, to be specific.

Good to hear! I think that is one advantage to PC Gaming is the ability to fix problems like this. With consoles I feel limited to small hardware fixes and if there is a software problem I don't really know what to do.

I haven't tried it yet (or looked into it in any way), but I just ran across this post from myself almost a year ago

someone playing Half-Life VR
can I just download a SteamVR app and play games on the Oculus?
do I need to buy new versions of games? or if I own Half-Life and Portal is there a free VR patch I can play using the Oculus, because that would be awesome. Totally worth the upgrade to do it again, but in first person.


--- Quote from: BlackNMild2k1 on February 15, 2021, 04:52:30 PM ---can I just download a SteamVR app and play games on the Oculus?

--- End quote ---
I think so but you would need the quest to be connected to the PC the whole time.

If you could patch non-VR games to be played in VR the would not be great looking. There is similar technology for making 2-D video into stereoscopic 3D and it never seems to work well enough to be worth the hassle of wearing something on your face.

I downloaded the SteamVR but couldn't find anything related to Half-Life VR

downloaded a bunch of the free games for now to check them out.

What VR games are worth paying for on SteamVR?

What kinda upsets me though, is that for the Quest 2, I bought a few games before getting on the Rift setup, only to find some of them FREE on the Rift... :/

now just found one for free on SteamVR that was full price on Quest 2 and Rift I think.
The climbing game. (if it's not the exact same game, then it looks pretty close to the same, but I'm not gonna go look it up right this second.)

Edit: I started playing a game called Propogation on SteamVR.
That got intense quickly!!! LMAO
I banged my hand on the fan in my room 3-4 times really hard trying to whack zombies in the face because I couldn't reload my gun fast enough!!!
My daughter was laughing waaaay too hard (I was too...but it hurt.)


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