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As for PMs,I'm still having a small issue, that I believe I mentioned here before..

It used to say I had 1 new message, even when I didn't.. now it says I have 2! I've deleted a bunch of stuff and marked everything as read and still, everytime I come on the site it says I have 2 new messages.

I'm gonna bring this up again, even though it seems it only effects me, but today it's been especially bad.

I posted 2 threads in the Nintendo console and the forums were messing with me so bad that I literally had to edit the OP like 2-4 times just to fix all the forum code that hitting the send button would just randomly add in.

It would make the entire post text huge, remove spaces or line breaks and bold the entire post (instead of the bits that I told it too). There were randomly placed [ b]  [ /b] & [ size]  [ /size]  all over the post.

I would go back to edit the post and literally have to manually remove all these errors and when I click send again, it would be a different set, but not as bad as last time. It wouldn't always do them all at once, but it is really annoying that it would just insert all that stuff in there randomly.

I've clicked the red A to turn off code before posting and when editing and sometimes that would help, but the minute I come back in to fix some issues, other issues would pop up.

I'm not sure if you can replicate it or not, but I thought I would point it out.

p.s. I'm using FireFox 3.6 and some parts of the post may have been copy/pasted from the source article if that helps you figure out what may be happening.

Could this also be why my text was small?


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