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My response to EasyCure's response to this news..

Mop it up:
It threw me off when I first visited the other day, but I like the new order.

I don't know if it's just 'cause I'm not used to it, but the new order really doesn't flow for me.  It just seems natural that "General Chat" and the like should follow the Gaming discussion forums.  The "NWR Interactive" thing just doesn't jive with my senses of what order various boards should be in.  Personally I'd prefer it below the General Chat/Funhouse section.


The problem with the old layout was that the Podcast and Talkback threads were becoming more and more important to the site as a whole.  I'm not against a future realignment, but we'll keep it this way for the moment.

Yeah, i'll admit the new re-annoys me sometimes because I can't navigate the forums as quickly, but that is 100% because of the change, not because this is any worse than before.

So yeah, everyone just please work with this for a few months and if there are still similar complaints after everyone gets accustomed to the change, we can talk about it again.


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