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We have turned off the ability to change your account's username.  It has been abused quite a lot lately by users who change their name frequently to make jokes, etc.  This can be very confusing for other people, especially those who don't live and breathe in the Funhouse.  The custom title line (below your username) is a perfectly fine way to express your sense of humor, and the moderators are usually happy to change that title for you upon request.

If you have recently changed your username and want to revert it to something with more lasting value... well, you probably deserve to be stuck with whatever dumb thing you changed it to.  But the moderators will try to accommodate one-time-only requests to change your username back to a more recognizable form.


Way to ruin the fun for everyone, Silks.  ;)

More like DeDeAr_cyber-lawler,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 'sup? ruined it. Moderator's please just just change DAaaMan's username to idiot.

lol whatever, hey user ">" started it.

OH and why are you always the jerk, Dasmos?  Is it because Shift Key is absent? Nah, I guess Dirk and Mario have their moments.

Edit, mods you could have just warned us evil name changing peoples. I would have happily reverted back to it if you asked.

King of Twitch:
> is really difficult to type I agree


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