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What's Next For The N64 Expansion Pack?

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I was curious last night with the addition of Kirby 64 to the service if that meant that all the games Nintendo had shown for the N64 Switch app had now been added. The answer was almost. The only other game shown back in September last year that isn't on the app yet is Pokemon Snap so that's likely next month's offering. But once Snap hits, we do not know what else is to come.

I was wondering if Nintendo might show more games to come in the future with their next Direct (the possible Showcase we usually expect at E3 time). However, considering they haven't done that for any of the other apps and just announce games for them about a week or so before they get added, it is likely the 64 app will now just get those surprise announcements as well.

But what do you think is next for the app? What are you hoping to see added?

I imagine that Banjo-Kazooie is not the only Rare game they plan to put on the service. Any of the popular Rare games would be great additions but my personal picks are Donkey Kong 64 and Conker's Bad Fur Day. I played DK64 on Wii U VC and Conker on Rare replay and found both to be fun to play.

If they're going to add more Rare games I would love to see Perfect Dark. On a different note, Harvest Moon 64, which I believe was on the Wii U Virtual Console, would be nice.

Where is our resident N64 collector, Mop it up, at?

As for new games. I had a limited selection of N64 games growing up because of the cost but some faves I remember that are not currently on the NSO service are these.

Super Smash Bros-Owned
Perfect Dark-Not Owned
Jet Force Gemini-Not Owned
Turok 2-Owned
Beetle Adventure Racing-Not Owned
Excitebike 64-Owned
Ogre Battle 64-Not Owned
Pokemon Puzzle League-Owned
Vigilante 8-Owned
Rayman 2:The Great Escape-Not Owned
Fighting Force 64-Owned
Extreme G 1 and 2-Owned both
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.- Not Owned
Rampage World Tour- Not Owned
Fighters Destiny-Owned
Mischief Makers-Not Owned
Dark Rift- Owned

I would like all the n64 wrestling games but I bet there are rights issues.  Same reason why I didn't list Golden Eye

DK64 I expect pretty soon. It would probably be my choice as the next game after Pokemon Snap although maybe Banjo-Tooie could be that game if Nintendo wants to throw in another third party game before all their first party stuff is loaded up. Gotta think Tooie would be included if the first made it over.

There are 21 games on the Wii U VC console. Only three of those games are third party: Harvest Moon 64, Bomberman 64 and Ogre Battle 64. If Nintendo does get a few Rare games like Banjo-Tooie, Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini, then it will likely be able to just equal or surpass the Wii U VC.

The Wii U VC still has the following: Excitebike 64, 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race 64, Donkey 64 and Mario Party 2. (Also Pokemon Snap but Nintendo showed that as a title coming to the 64 app). Of those games, I'd say DK64 and Mario Party 2 are the big titles Nintendo still have up their sleeve. I'm really curious how Nintendo will handle the Party games with Superstars for Switch. Will they just ignore those titles or will they re-release them with online play and possibly take away sales from Superstars?

As for other third party games, I'd like to see Harvest Moon also but not sure it will happen. It's not like Harvest Moon SNES was added to the SNES app so if it wouldn't appear there, why would Natsume release it for the 64 app? Likewise Square has done nothing with the SNES app preferring to do their own re-releases so I doubt Ogre 64 is happening. Bomberman 64 might have a chance because who knows what Konami is thinking these days. However, like Harvest Moon, there have been no Bomberman games for the SNES app so why would they release some for 64?

I wonder if we might see a couple of the Cruis'N games show up. Can't imagine there is much demand for those old titles so whoever has the rights may be more willing to let those show up on the App.

Mischief Makers is a title I have some long shot hope for.  Are we going to be seeing Gex or Glover or Earthworm Jim 64 for the app?


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