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I've been addicted to this game for a good while now. It is really fun.

It's absolutely incredible. I've been playing it a lot lately as well, and I'm constantly impressed.

It's really fun discovering Hisuian variants and just screwing around in the game world. I keep ignoring the story and even side quest objectives just to see if I can catch an alpha without battling it or battling alphas to see if I can beat them.  Even going through areas just to see what spawns is fun. You never know when you'll spot a shiny and pretty much any Pok√©mon that spawns can be an alpha.

Honestly, it's terrible for my ADD.

I had a lot of luck getting annoyingly rare mons like Cleffa and Cherubi/Cherrim but I still need to get Bonsly and I'm worried that the game has been spoon feeding me so it can burn me on Bonsly.

I'm also trying to get completed dex entries on everything which has been a fun challenge.

There have been a few times now where I noticed the "unreported task" counter maxed out at 99. I love going to complete those things. Gives me an excuse to just hide out in the grass and wait.

My first shiny was an alpha Stantler, which felt crazy lucky. I managed a Bonsly early but had the hardest time finding a Cherrim. And then I accidentally KO'd it. One of my favorite things about the game has been how wildly different everyone's experiences have been. I got a large Buizel rather easily, but have seen people complain about having to catch a bunch before clearing the mission.

I have 34 pokemon left I haven't caught yet but I still have an additional 64 pokemon that I have caught but haven't filled my dex entries for yet. I'll be busy for a while.


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