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Zelda: Wind Waker final impressions

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Originally posted by: 3_MaSteRPIeCE
Whatabout the overall feel of the game?
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I'm going to hold back overall on this because not being able to read the story does alter the way a game feels.  However, there are a lot of great little additions like the way the music interacts with battles.  The beautifully detailed animation also gives you the impression of being in a world that's much more alive.

Does it feel better to go on  Hyrule Field the first time or on the ocean the first time.
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Hyrule field, simply because it was seeing familiar territory in 3D for the first time.  Of course there are also places in Wind Waker that provide the same effect, but not really the ocean itself.

Is the ending as good as others?
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Again without the text, there may have been something I've missed, but I thought the ending was very cool even if it didn't answer all my questions.

And are there A LOT of other sub quests?  and are they any big (like bigger than the Lon lon ranch one?)
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Seem to be, but sub-quests also tend to rely more on doing what people ask of you.  I was still missing half a row of hearts.  Treasure hunting can be fun and tedious at the same time depending on how you go about it. However there were a lot of little nooks and crannys on islands that I'm sure I didn't have to do to beat the game...depends on how you look at it I guess.

Nile Boogie:
After spending time with the US ver. I can rest a bit easier as it is every thing I hoped for. The Wind Waker is something I thought would not be reality for at least another 5years, "Tangeble Animation"! So fluid yet interactive in almost every way. From what I've played(in english) the game is "Ocarina" but in a Diseny sorta way.  Makes me wonder how Kingdom Hearts would've been using this engine. The feeling you get while playing can only be  had when playing a Zelda game for the first time. I could not figure a few things out( like defeating the "liquid hot magma" boss) and I loved every second of it.  Never have I had such joy getting my ass kicked by a boss in a video game.

But alas, there are people who are not going to buy this Masterpiece based on the look of the game.  The clerk in BestBuy says to me "I can't play something that looks like that".  So I asked him why, and of course this fool says "because they(Nintendo) messed it up. If they made the graphics look more like blah blah blah.  I started to ignore him after he said graphics and went back to my gleeful bliss.

In the end, I'm not going to work the week of March 23, 2003. Zelda will be my life, both The Wind Waker and Soul Calibur2(import) will be mine. I suggest you get down to local store X and reserve your copy now!


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