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Episode 775: Luigi's Haunted Real Estate Speculation


Investing in sports only makes sense if you made your money running a... uh... no comment.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/60691/episode-775-luigis-haunted-real-estate-speculationOh no, I'm running late on the article. Whatever shall I do?I know, I'll write very brisk notes.James and Greg played the demo for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Greg also has got his first kick at Mario Strikers: Battle League [Football]. Guillaume is done playing Nobody Saves the World and now is playing Space Invaders Invincible Collection. Lastly, Jon is playing Diablo Immortal.Email, just the one, beloved series we refuse to give up on (and those we already did). Emails: here.

Katrielle's Mystery Journey is so disappointing, but I had to see it for myself to believe it. A series that immediately fell from grace.


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