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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Thread of Madness

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Might as well get something started on the forums for the coming storm of fruit trading, turnip selling and other island visiting insanity soon to come. Give the people a place to arrange meet-ups with others in this game.

(From BeautifulShy's post later in thread)

Here is a video going over the changes from past games in the series to New Horizons. '

For Bnm and others-

Just to go over a little summary of what they talked about here are the details.

Create and destroy terrain to customize how your island looks and the design of it.  This is probably the biggest change as you are not stuck with whatever map that you started with. Let your creativity flow!

Crafting furniture,tools and other things. This is a big change since it allows you to create what you want without having to wait around for the stores to carry it.

  Also with the crafting system you are actually engaged into the game more since in past games I know I did the typical things of the day like checking the beach for shells and fish, getting all the native and foreign fruit, checking the stores for different items that you might want and hope it is there or repurchasing an item from the catalog to fit the theme of whatever new idea you thought of and then talking with the villagers about different tasks they may have and then going to your house and putting it all together and put away things.

Crafting allows for the item you wish to make is pretty instantationus since you likely already have the items you need.

Full HD. That should speak for itself.

Many new buildings that are massive with ways to keep you occupied.

TV play docked and undocked in handheld mode.

Make your town how you like with different construction projects like bridges,ramps, staircases and slopes.

Character customization is more streamlined and robust being able to select from a list of styles for hair, eyes, mouth and many more parts of you body and look.  Also it looks like everything is gender neutral meaning any type of hair style, eye shape and mouth you want can happen no matter your gender. Somewhat similar to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Nook Mileage Program-

Designate where your villagers can move into.  No more 4 houses together if you don't want that. You can make that option if you like but you get to decide where everyone lives.

Tool wheel.  Be able to select whatever tool you wish with one handy wheel on screen. 

New storage system that you can enter your house and select what you want to store and you don't need a
Fridge, Amorie,Dressers, Locker,Wardrobe or Cabinet item in the house.

Furniture moves much quicker. No more grabbing an item and moving it square by square.

8 player online multiplayer or 4 player local. Yeah more friends in an online session.  I know many times in City Folk where we had 5 people would wanted to play together but we had to leave that player out and alone till one of the folks in the 4 player group left the town to go to that sole players town. No more of that!! More friends!!!

New safety features for online. No more cutting down that persons trees or digging up the town unless you are a best friend on that players list. No more stalking every one of your guests!

Character designer through the Able Sisters shop.  I will let the video speak for its self aside from saying that you can choose what pigment of skin your character is without having to soak in the sun to get a tan.  Not everyone is caucasian.

Nook Phone.

Oh also there is pole vaulting as well!

We need a corresponding thread in the Funhouse for where Khush and I try to bully recruit others into our time travelling turnip manipulating island mafia.

Holy smokes. This thread has 1767 views already and it was just a starter post. People are out there checking this forum and desperate for Animal Crossing info.

--- Quote from: Stratos on February 21, 2020, 01:23:38 PM ---We need a corresponding thread in the Funhouse for where Khush and I try to bully recruit others into our time travelling turnip manipulating island mafia.

--- End quote ---

I was getting worried about whether Joan would be in the game with what they were describing and showing in the direct but I think I saw her at one point. I'm still debating about getting the game and yet I've already been thinking of my first step which would be getting all in on the Stalk Market.

I need to watch the Direct again. It was late and getting close to 1 am in the morning but hadn't watched it yet. Figured I see it the next day but then I thought why not watch it in bed. So, I grabbed my 3DS which is on an endtable by my bed. However, the eShop had not been updated with the Direct and it seems the 3DS isn't getting the latest Directs anymore. Then I remembered that the Switch is portable. Did the rare step of getting it out of its dock and started it up. Went to news and there was nothing. The Direct hadn't been posted there either. Checked for updates and wondered if I needed the Animal Crossing news channel. After messing around with that, I then remembered that YouTube had been launched on Switch and I did have the app. Booted that up and finally got the show running. But 5 minutes in, I kept closing my eyes and drifting off. After 15 minutes, I just stopped the program and went to sleep. It was clearly some really riveting game play being shown and my brain couldn't handle it all at once like that.

My impression of what I watched is that it seems like the game has corrected some of the flaws I noticed in New Leaf (like new villager homes popping up anywhere suddenly instead of letting the player assign their location) but I haven't seen anything that looks like a new activity such as diving and swimming. I suppose there is nothing like one's first Animal Crossing game.

that Baby guy:
I saw pole vaulting, so I'm in.

They're gonna sell so many copies of this, aren't they? 10 Million easily, calling it now.

Personally I've never really played any of these, although I did watch someone play the Wii game a few times. This new one looks a lot prettier, and the landscaping seems more advanced, but I agree with Khush it seems very iterative otherwise.
I'm not convinced Animal Crossing appeals to me, but maybe it's worth a shot one day. The setting and vibe seem very chill and pleasing, which is something of a rarity in gaming. What does the multiplayer entail, really, besides Turnip mafia? Is there synchronous online multiplayer, or only local? Maybe I oughta watch the Direct...


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