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Wii U External USB Storage Devices

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Dual layer Blu-Rays can run 50 GB.  Set aside the amount of hard drive space that you can't use for anything, reserved for O/S, and anything used for other downloads, you could easily fill that up with a dozen games.

Wii U has "no games" and I have four games for it in seven months.

Mandatory installs could easily fill a 500GB drive up.  Even more so with FMV, HD, Bloatware titles.


This is the same HD I've had since launch, and it's never given me any problems either. Absolutely fantastic HD, guys. Do pick one up, if needed.

but who says the game uses the full 50gb?


--- Quote from: pokepal148 on May 22, 2013, 10:44:57 PM ---but who says the game uses the full 50gb?

--- End quote ---

Do you own a PS3? That **** installs games at an average of about 6GB. COnsidering the next gen has much larger games, we're looking maybe double that. On top of all the other media one might want on the system, having a hard drive that cannot be switched out or changed is a fucking travesty.

TJ Spyke:
Where do you see an AVERAGE of 6GB? Even Metal Gear Solid 4, which used a full 50GB disc (though that was largely due to Kojima using so much uncompressed video and audio) only had a 4GB install size. Other than MMOs (which are understandably large), Rage is the only PS3 game with a install size larger than 5GB (at 7.3GB). Not sure if it was official policy, but I saw on NeoGAF that Sony used to have a policy that install sizes for non-MMOs couldn't be larger than 5GB (which makes sense because I have yet to find any game larger than that). MGS4 dealt with this by overwriting the data as you progressed in the game.


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