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Please post your experience with a Wii U external USB storage device.  Did you choose a drive have a dedicated power source (AC adapter) or is it USB powered (with y-cable).  Does it work?  Did you get rid of it and purchase another one?  I'll keep this post updated as long as people want to take the time and share their experiences to help the community.  Please share!

In general, installation of a USB device is seamless.  Plug the USB cable to the Wii U, power on the drive, and turn on the Wii U.  The Wii U will recognize the drive and prompt to format it.  Format just takes a few seconds and once it is done, it's ready for use.

eShop downloads will go directly to the USB drive.  Transferring previously downloaded software from the Wii U memory to the USB drive is very easy.  All associated files transfer over (Software, Save Data, Update data (DLC)).

When you power on and off the Wii U, the drive also powers on and off automatically.

The following USB storage devices are owned and recommended by NWR members:

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive (1 TB) - Model STCA1000100  (dedicated power source) (2 TB capacity also available)
Owned and Recommended by: Seacor, Racht

There have been no reports of decreased software performance or any increase in load times.

The drive is about the same height and less than half the length of the Wii U console.

Pics of the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive (Seacor)

Helpful Links:
Nintendo FAQs
External USB Storage Devices That Have Been Tested by Nintendo To Work with Wii U

I think I'll be checking this thread somewhat frequently as I'm looking to buy a hard drive for my Wii U sooner than later. (gotta make use of that DDP)

Retro Deckades:
Thanks for the info about the Seagate drive, Seacor. I recently did a quick internet search for the highest rated external hard drives which were also compatible with the Wii U, and the Seagate was rated the best. I'm glad to see that you're experience was terrific. I'll grab one of these as soon as it becomes necessary.

I'm going to need one of these this year. Apparently the Xone will need an external hard drive as well.

TJ Spyke:

--- Quote from: ShyGuy on May 22, 2013, 09:53:47 PM ---I'm going to need one of these this year. Apparently the Xone will need an external hard drive as well.

--- End quote ---

Why would it need one? It comes with a 500 GB hard drive, which is plenty unless you plan to have dozens and dozens of games.


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