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The Fast Food Thread - Would You Like Posts With That?

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BranDonk Kong:
Only place I eat at on this list Taco Bell, and I always get 2 Fresco crunchy tacos and a chicken burrito. I don't think Quizno's should be on the list though, or subway really. They don't have fryers, everyone else on there does.


--- Quote from: Khushrenada on November 08, 2010, 09:02:01 PM ---...
Defunct/Limited - Pizza. McDonald's has a great habit of seeing what people aren't buying at their restaurant and then offering it for awhile to try and get people to fight the competition. They've done it with salads and submarine type sandwhiches. These often fade pretty fast. In theat vein, one thing they offered in the early 90's was pizza and it was actually pretty good. I remember they had a pizza Happy Meal and I loved it. While most of the other pizza offerings soon disappeared, the Happy Meal/Individual size lasted awhile longer until also fading into obscurity. I wish I had ate more of it while I could.


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Oh man, I was thinking about McDonalds pizza just the other day.  Sure wish they still offered it!

Fast food isn't my thing.  When I do eat out, my preference looks like this:
(1)  Arby's as long as they are offering 4 junior roast beef sandwiches for $5!
(2) Dairy Queen is good for either two double cheeseburgers and a blizzard, or the garden salad with chicken and bacon
(3) Quiznos has several great subs
(4) A&W root beer is so good in a chilled mug that it makes the Double Mozza Burger worth ordering (even though it feels terribly heavy after finishing)
(5) Burger King makes awesome chocolate milkshakes... but nothing else really worth ordering.
(6) Wendy's makes a great spicy chicken sandwich

Pizza might not really count as "fast food", but Pizza Delight restaurants out east are incredible and beat the pants off Pizza Hut any day.  When we moved to Toronto, that was the only food that my wife felt really bad about leaving behind.

At burger places I generally get two of their standard hamburgers (no cheese). At Subway I almost always get a footlong Buffalo Chicken (non-toasted, but the chicken warmed up) on Italian, with no cheese or vegetables, just ranch dressing.

I don't each much fast food in comparison, and I usually mix things up with each visit. Two national chains I do often go to are Quiznos and Subway.

At Subway I almost always get a foot long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki or a foot long spicy italian. I do get them toasted.

Quiznos, I like to try all there sandwiches, but I like the Chicken Carbonara.

I'm suprised Mop It Up hasn't posted in this thread chastising our eating habits.


McDonalds: Edible, but not really enjoyable anymore.  The Fries, a chicken sandwhich (McChicken or Crsipy) is probably what I would order.
I also used to be a steak egg and cheese bagel guy & I also loved the McGriddles. Do they still serve those?

Wendy's: Don't eat here often. Their fries are good, but you have to salt them. Baconator was pretty good too.

A&W: Never really tried their food, but they are always paired up with a KFC. Their food on the men always look so generic and uninteresting.

KFC: Soo greasy, but $1.99 bag lunch on Tuesdays can't be beat. (2pc chicken and a buscuit - $1.99). Mash & gravy eaten with potato wedges is usually how I do it. popcorn chicken is off the hook too.

Burger King: I like the Triple Stacker. I've tried to order a Double Stacker made with Whopper Patties. They wouldn't do it. They suggested a Double Whopper with Stacker sauce. I agreed... they still wouldn't do it. Have it my way my ass.
Crossandwiches used to be pretty good too. Haven't had b-fast there in a while.

Dairy Queen: I haven't eaten here is decades. I've stopped at one 3 or 4 times over the last 4 years, but never ordered anything,

Quizno's: Steak subs. salads are good too. I will easily spend $12+ in here and be completely satisfied with my decision afterwards. Also love their Broccoli Cheese soup.

Subway: such a fucking rip off. Where is the freaking meat? If I wanted to have a salad sub, I would have ordered that. where is my meat? False advertising at it's worse.
me - "I want the sandwich in the picture"
them - "This is the sandwich in the picture"
me - "where is all the meat?"
them - "you have to order extra meat for it to be like that"
me - "...." walks out and goes to quiznos.

but seriously, The Hot Pastrami. it was soo good.

Taco Bell: #3 all soft(3 taco meal). Love anything supreme, but nothing with that god awful nacho sauce. There is just something about the sour cream here. Grilled Stuffd burrito is also pretty good.

Jack in the Box: This is 3am food. This is Post Drinking food. This is the best damn fast food you are ever gonna have at 3am while drunk.
Sourdough everything. 2 tacos for a buck. everything is perfectly greasy for that alcohol coated stomach. My favorite for a long time was the Ultimate Bfast Sandwich on sourdough.

Carl's Jr.: Mushroom Portabello Burger. I love it. Chicken Parmesan Sandwich was pretty good too.

In-N-Out Burger: I don't get the love for In N Out, especially not Animal Style. I don't eat here. twice was enough for me to make up my mind.

Chipotle's: Mexican spot owned by McDonalds.... surprisingly good, but too damn expensive. I can find way better authentic Mexican for little more than half the price.

El Polllo Loco: I haven't had anything here that I have ever liked. ever. none of it was terrible, it's just that none of it was all that great.

Popeyes: Good chicken, but their crispy is a little too dry and crispy on the skin. If only I could mix KFC and Popeyes into one chicken place. Mash & gravy here is good too. better than KFC's gravy.

Del Taco: Havne't had too much from here, but I prefer Taco Bell tacos. The fries from here are actually not bad either. have not tried a burger, but the burritos(while not bad) left me wanting to go across the parking lot to Taco Bell instead.

New York Pizza Xpress: Individual pizza wasn't bad, but I'd much prefer a full size. the chili dogs looked pretty good, but I didn't try them. I've only been there once, and this is the only one of it's kind that I've ever seen.

Wing Stop: chicken wings to go. I liked most flavors, but this just seemed too expensive for what you got. It is good, and you can mix and match all you want, but to leave there completely full and 100% satisfied, I just think I might have to spend more than I want.


Tommy Burger (LA Exclusive): OMG. Chili everything. Chili Burgers, Chili Dogs, Chili Fries. It's all so damn good, especially after going out that night. I've only had it a few times (because I don't live in LA) but I would pick this over JntB if I had the choice.

Arby's: I haven't seen one of these in so long.... unless you count the one I saw when I was in N.O. (or was that a Hardees?). Either way I no opinion since I can't remember ever eating there.

Hardees: same as Arby's. Do these even exist anymore?

Did I forget anywhere?

Also keep in mind that almost all of these that I mentioned (above the dotted line) is for the most part, right next to each other. I could literally walk from one to the next. I could hit most of them from the other one with a burger patty if I tried.


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