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Mafia LXXXVIII: Pikmin Mafia. Sign-up Thread.

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I'll join

Alright. That's enough for today. I've got the rest of the roles mostly typed up but they still need some editing and I need to get other stuff done tonight so I'll have to finish posting the rest tomorrow.

This begs the questions, would you be ok with the game starting in the middle of a week or would you want to wait for it to launch this Sunday giving you time to read up on the rules and roles once fully posted? How is the schedule / availability still looking for all you players?

It's nice to see we were able to reach 17 so I'm hoping we can still keep that amount and the timing will still be alright for the majority of you. (That said, I'd really like one more of a total of 18 if that could be done as the Pellet breakdown would work nicely at that number. You'll understand about Pellets when the rest of the rules are posted. ;) )

Personally, I've gotten very excited about this game over the last 24 hours as I've begun nailing down how I want this game to work and merging the ideas and elements of Mafia with Pikmin. I'm looking forward to how this will play out and the strategic decisions that may come for it which is fitting for Pikmin which involves a bit of strategic planning.

Back by popular demand (or at least by Mop it up's demand), The Bomber role has returned... with some new tweaks. Definitely take some time to read up on that role which has been posted in the Rules and Roles thread. The twist I like about the role is that it actually may encourage voting despite the risk of voting out The Bomber because of the element of bomb disposal. (Unless you want to get risky trying to target someone with a bomb in your hands.)

And that's just one element / role so far. Wait until I get to the Pikmin Mafia.  8)

Roleplay - Some of you have wondered what the roleplay for Pikmin could be. I admit it is tough since there aren't a lot of speaking or developed characters in the series. For this game, the townie faction (and the Other faction like The Bomber or Killer) will come from the variety of Pikmin enemies. In this case, the Mafia will be made of Olimar and the types of Pikmin. You can base your character around the idea of the planet's wildlife trying to snuff out the growing Pikmin threat. Hopefully that can give you some ideas or inspiration.

I would be okay to wait till Sunday to start the game.  Maybe in the evening if that works for everyone?

I've added in the Townie roles to the Rules section for today. Nothing major there. If you've been around for the Metroid and Luigi's Mansion game then these should be familiar too you all. Few things to note: Stacking / saving an ability is back for the Detective, Vote Master (the title I'm going with to replace Vote Manipulator), and, for the first time, the Doctor can get in on the Stacking party. I've also brought back the Vigilante/Killer role from Harvest Moon. The Vigilante cannot stack hits but the Killer can if that person's role ends up changing.

The Detective has one additional ability this game. They will be informed if a previous investigation gets recruited into the Pikmin Mafia. In this game, the Doctor's protection is only able to work at night time. No saving player's from a Day Vote in this game. I figured with the No Vote option back in play and the Vote Master's tiebreaking ability that the doctor doesn't need to be getting involved in the Voting action this game. Other than that, those roles should be what you might be getting used to from the past few games I've hosted with what they can do and how they operate.

There's only one new-ish role for the Townies this game and that is the Rookie Cop. Included as a sort of back-up for the Townies to help them this game since things are a bit different with the Mafia being able to recruit new members. However, the role might be helpful or harmful depending on how things play out. If you're going to read about just one role in the game today then that's the one I suggest you browse over.

Tomorrow, I'll post about details for the Pikmin Mafia roles. So, keep checking in for the latest and to get hyped!

Good news. We have another player joining the game in Xander Morningstar aka Morningshark. He's confirmed with me on Discord he is in. Now the difficulty maybe in reminding him to make sure to send more messages on the forums here.

That means we are at 18 players. Woo! You know I'd still love to see us get to 20 but I'm losing hope that will happen unless some longtime absent players suddenly check-in on the forums and surprise us all with a decision to play.

Most of the Mafia stuff is up now. Believe it or not, I've still got a bit more to post. Going for the longest Rules section ever! All I've really got left is to go through the various Pikmin types with a bit more detail / explanation for them and their abilities. As well, I'll throw in some stuff about an absentee godfather and couple other scenario situations to wrap up some loose ends.

Hopefully I haven't made this game look incredibly dense and complicated. I'm aware that there's a lot of stuff in here that might not even come into play. There could be Pikmin types unused in this game and the Bomber could go out Day 1 and all sorts of stuff could be irrelevant quickly. Since I've included them and the option exists, I should still explain it. And maybe we play another Pikmin game again in the future in which case the rules and roles could just be copied over again. We've replayed other themes before. If nothing else, maybe it will inspire someone else with an idea for a role or how to resolve a future game situation based on something described in that thread.

I thought I'd try a new tactic of dividing information up among posts and giving each post a title in the hopes of making it easier to find the relevant stuff quickly for a player consulting the rules thread. It may have the unintended consequence of making the rules seem way longer than other games where it was a lot of text in just a couple posts. I'm hoping to also make a Table of Contents for the first post in that thread which would then link to the different posts below. That way, it would further help in finding the necessary information sooner without having to scroll through everything. I'm hoping I can make that work.


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