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I missed Shenmue but then I'd have to buy the other two so maybe its best for now. I've noticed they will repeat games sometimes as this current one Remnant from the Ashes is already in my library so it will probably come back again some time, especially since it is published by Epic.

I barely caught Shenmue 3. I told my friend about it over the phone and he was like "awww" I didn't have time to tell him about it. I figured he was probably sleeping. I already have Shenmue 3 for ps4, but I didn't mind snagging a pc version.

Today's Epic freebie was a game called "The vanishing of Ethan Carter" which is a game I've never heard of before.

I couldn't even remember what it was an hour ago. I woke up this morning. Clicked a few times. I have it now. I might play it.

Did I miss yesterday's game? Possibly. Today is an early access game called Second Extinction. Looks like you shoot dinosaurs so could be fun.


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