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Two more entries into the "How To" collection.
One for n00bs and the other for vets.

How to Get A Pic Online to post:

1. Are your pics saved on your computer?
-if yes then move on to #2
-if no, then put them on your computer
-if you found your pic online, then (right-click) copy your image location & move on to #3

2. Locate the pic on your harddrive
remember how to get there because your gonna have to click on it in a second

3. Goto
-If you found your pic online skip to #4a
4. Make sure your file type is set to "image"
click on browse and locate and click on your pic, then click on "open"
goto #5

4a. Make sure your file type is set to "url"
paste your image location in the box to the left

5. Click on "Upload Now" after you select your pic or past your image location.

6. Copy the link inbetween with the [img] tags
- i.e. [IMG][/IMG]

7. Paste link into forum and click post
*Refer to "How to post an Image" for more picture posting options*

How to Link to Specific Scenes on Youtube clips:

1. Locate the youtube clip you wish to use

2. Find the scene you wish to link to and remember the start time
i.e. 1 minute and 56 seconds

3. Add the following code to the end of your Youtube link
- #t=XmYs (X represents the number of minutes. Y represents the number of seconds)
- replace X with your minutes and Y with your seconds
i.e. #t=1m56s (#time=1minute56seconds)

4. Post your Youtube link with the code attached at the end

I have a question.How do you post a link that goes to a specific post like say in a large thread that has 50 pages and the post that you want to link to is on the 25th page and it is the 10th post in the 25th page.How do you link to that post?

How To Direct Link to specific post:

you see that blue text above everyones post that says

"Re: whatever the title of the thread is" ?

that is a link that takes you directly to someone's post.
right-click, copy link location


^the post you just asked the question in

Want to quickly post a pic but want to skip all the other step?

I got a fix for you.

--- Quote from: firefox ---This addon lets you upload any image found on the internet with a simple right button mouse click. Just right click an image and select "upload image on imgur". The URL of the newly uploaded image is automatically copied in the clipboard and a new tab opens to the imgur page.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Chrome ---After the extension is installed you will see a little imgur icon appearing on the right side of the chrome address bar if you are viewing a imgur compatible image. A click on the imgur icon will upload it to imgur and the new imgur link will be directly put in your clipboard.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Internet Explorer ---A simple program that allows you to right click on a file and send it to   Imgur. It supports multiple files can copy the links to your clipboard.   Windows only.
--- End quote ---
more support at the link

But basically
right-click, :save to imgur:, right-click, :paste:



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