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Episode 10 - Captured by the Evil Syndicate
« on: December 08, 2016, 12:09:00 PM »

We talk about what we’ve been playing and dive into some juicy Switch leaks.

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After finding a new love for classic Castlevania while playing Super Castlevania IV, Casey decided to pick up the Wii U exclusive Citadale: Gate of Souls and give it a go. The game certainly has a handful of technical problems, but was it enough to spoil the experience? No 3D and no online sharing was enough to have Perry take a hard pass on Super Mario Maker 3DS ... or so he thought. Turns out he got a heck of a deal and is darn glad he picked up the portable version! Speaking of new found loves, Casey might have found another series he has fallen head over heels for, Pilotwings. The SNES launch title still holds up and is a ton of fun, plus you can't beat SNES games on the go. Wrapping up what we've been playing Perry finishes with the darker-toned Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD. Is there much more needed to be said about this classic reborn? Well yes, yes there is and the boys do just that as they gush over this great entry.

After a short break Casey and Perry come back to talk about all the latest releases and jump into some juicy Switch leaks. As we get closer and closer to the January 12th unveiling it seems very likely the rumors will continue picking up steam and we'll be right here talking about 'em. Star Fox Warriors?!

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