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AEW Fight Forever Rings Opening Bell On June 29


Come on Tony, is CM Punk REALLY worth the headaches?http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/63794/aew-fight-forever-rings-opening-bell-on-june-29After some delays, the Switch is about to become All Elite.The first licensed game for the All Elite Wrestling promotion, AEW Fight Forever, will be available on June 29 according to the company's gaming-specific Twitter account. A preorder for the physical edition is now open on Amazon.The game marks the wrestling publishing debut for the current iteration of THQ (as THQ Nordic): the previous iteration held the license for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) games through 1998 and then were the publisher of WWF / WWE games from 1999 to the company's bankruptcy when 2K took over the license.AEW: Fight Forever is available June 29th!

Pre-Order and Wishlist at https://t.co/Nv3IuMUZtf#AEWgames #AEWFightForever pic.twitter.com/4b03SnviKY— AEW Games (@AEWGames) May 22, 2023
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I cannot wait for this game to break out in a riot that everyone denies happened, right after a release.

"Press X to superkick the dog"


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