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As for the normal Weekend reading type of post, I'm not ready to create one of those yet. Plus, I'm not sure I want to burn through a bunch of topics. Keep as many as I can in my back pocket for now. But I will highlight the NFL Discussion Thread as I am aware of current events. Although I was debating if I should wait until Monday as more discussion could be occurring then, it still seemed more appropriate to highlight it for this weekend.

Wait, is it 2021 or still 2020 because we're still talking about Wii U ports to Switch. Although the twist this time is that you list how many ports you own to be shamed by or impress other internet users. Topic of the day!

Look out! It's the dreaded return of Safe Words! Like some kind of movie monster, this forum game just won't die no matter how much we think we may have killed it. Sign-ups for the new game are now open. Is it some kind of early 90's throwback, an examination of middling music or a sign of creative bankruptcy for the host? It just might be all three.  8)

Today's topic is to highlight the new games coming to the Switch NES and SNES online apps. It's all the non-Earthbound games we've been expecting.  :P  ;) What deep cut is going to appear next? The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle? Jelly Boy? Terranigma? (Actually, there probably are a lot of people hoping for that last one.) In any case, throw that Super Mario 3D World port in the trash because Psycho Dream is here and it's free!

And as a little plug, if you are looking for someone to play with when utilizing the SNES app then may I direct your attention to this thread for Switch SNES Online multiplayer where you may be able to partner up with someone including yours truly. What a treat, it's Uncle Moe while you eat. Topic of the day.

For today's topic, I'm going to highlight the latest in Mr. Bungle's Best of Wii U threads. This one is focusing on the Turbographix content available on the Wii U shop. The man is persevering through the lack of comments and still keeping a regular schedule of articles and that should be congratulated and at least acknowledged in some way. So Topic of the Day it is. (Although admittedly, I've been waiting more for this weekend's look into the GBA titles so hopefully there's more discussion when that rolls around.)


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