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Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition - List of Games Used

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Updated with the latest (up to Episode 114). Sorry I've been lax about updating this list.

Over 550 games.... Mama mia!

Thanks for this list, super handy!

I'm slowly working my way through the episodes from the very beginning, just finished "season one" so to speak! A friend of mine, who originally introduced me to the show, is trying to figure out which episode you guys played Giftpia, which is not in the master list. It presumably has to have been in a Japan-only episode, but we can only find one of those, #17. He swears it was this podcast, so maybe someone can help him out?  ;D

I am sure we have used Giftpia *sometime* in the history of Radio Trivia, but I don't think it was while the game was in Podcast form. I don't think it was on a telethon special, so it most likely was used in one of the live shows before the founding of the podcast format. The fact that I only have three songs from that particular game also suggests it was a live show (as I started including additional songs in the background fairly early in the podcast, maybe ~episode 12).

Ah, that makes sense. What are the three songs that you have? I guess he really liked one of the ones you played but never figured out which one when he tried to find it again later. Apparently the soundtrack is pretty large?

Not sure why this was un-stickied and buried to die. This thread is BACK, baby!


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