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When will this forum be "Official"?


 Just wondering when the link from PGC Forums (Free) will link to this forum instead of the other one?  By the way, how come their aren't any popups anymore? (Not that i am complaining).  Are you paying for the forum now Rick?  Possibly with money made from the DVD?  Just wondering

The Forums will come out of Beta "Real Soon Now."  When the Forums are out of Beta, that's when we'll change the link on the menu over (and shut down the ezBoard Forums as well).

There are no pop-ups anymore because the pop-ups on ezBoard weren't coming from us.  ezBoard was sending those.  We do have ads on this Forum, and we're not going to rule pop-ups out entirely.  I will guaran-damn-tee you that they will NEVER be as bad as they were on ezBoard, though (with pop-ups spawning pop-ups).

Yes, we're hosting this board on our own server now, but I'm afraid the details aren't for public consumption.  Let's just say that we whole-heartedly thank each and every one of you who have supported PGC, in every way that you have.  This is that "Thank You".  


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