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Episode 825: Chiffon Does Bring Out the Crazies


The cake, not the fabric,http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/63894/episode-825-chiffon-does-bring-out-the-craziesThis episode has everything, from balloons to aliens and more.We start the show with Listener Mail. Our first quest-WE INTERUPT THIS SEGMENT FOR BREAKING NEWS. Nintendo announced Everybody 1-2 Switch! as we started recording and email gets sidelined for a thirty minute investigation of the game. This game must be so good, because Nintendo refuses to even describe it. A game of indescribable quality? Count me in!Back on track, Listener Mail asks if the successor to Switch (which we do not know) will support amiibo and what cultural differences have impacted Nintendo's games. We couldn't have known at the time that Europe's taste for - and disrespect of - horses would result in the removal of the host's right to participate.America vs Europe pic.twitter.com/TW0628RWPm— Daan Koopman (@NintenDaan) June 2, 2023
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Not My 1-2 Switch.My inbox.After a break we take on New Business. Guillaume is yet another RFN member to take on the dinosaur-racing antics of Cruis'n Blast. Then we return to Hyrule, with more Tears of the Kingdom thoughts. Greg and James have finished off their eternal foe, and are now closing out their remaining quests. Gui and Jon continue on the road to the ultimate confrontation.


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