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Episode 824: I Dare You to Play Eye of Judgment


This week we have an exclusive interview with RFN's host.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/63818/episode-824-i-dare-you-to-play-eye-of-judgmentThis week, we're extremely excited to sit down with the host of Radio Free Nintendo, James Jones, to tell us about Episode 824.James Jones - Nintendo World Report: James, thanks for joining us today.James Jones - Radio Free Nintendo: It's my pleasure; thanks for having me.NWR: Everyone wants to know, what did you all talk about this week? I assume a lot of Tears of the Kingdom.JJ: (laughs) I'm sure they do. This week we do talk quite extensively about Tears, but that's not how we started.NWR: Oh? That's a surprise.JJ: We thought about it, and realized that people who are trying to stay as pure as possible might appreciate us including some non-Tears content. We decided to front-load it, starting with a riff on Sony's Project Q and Konami's naming decisions. We then asked Gui and Jon do their New Business. Editor's Note: co-hosts Guillaume Veillette and Jon Lindemann.NWR: Project Q is so weird.JJ: And Metal Gear Solid 3 is now Delta? Stupid.NWR: So what did Guillaume talk about?JJ: You will not believe it, but he's been playing Guilty Gear -Strive- on Xbox and Guilty Gear on Switch.NWR: No!JJ: I told you!NWR: And Jon?JJ: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, specifically the first game.NWR: That's a bit more believable.JJ: What's less so is he listened to Jonny's appearance a few weeks ago to make sure he offered new insights.NWR: I'm stunned!JJ: It's true though. After that we pulled a couple of emails from the inbox that are somewhat Tears-adjacent. Greg and I used those emails to talk about Tears, rather than doing a traditional New Business. Editor's Note: Co-host Greg Leahy.NWR: Adjacent? What questions were asked?JJ: The first asked if Monolith Soft was the best JRPG developer in the game, and if they'd be better served with a more grounded style of storytelling.NWR: More grounded than a sentient, petty, world full of King Kongs?JJ: Seems grounded to me. The second email asked where the Zelda series can go from here. Are we beyond "bigger is better?" NWR: It's what you do with it.JJ: It's like Jon is in the room with us.NWR: Speaking of, what's up with that title ["I Dare You to Play Eye of Judgment"]? It had to be Jon, right?JJ: Very perceptive of you. We're drafting Jon to become THE Eye of Judgment streamer on Twitch.NWR: That sounds like the worst idea I've ever heard. I hope it happens.JJ: Me too.NWR: Well then, I can't wait to listen. Thank you for joining us!JJ: My pleasure. And remember, send your emails.


I fully expect James and/or Jon to own a Project Q at some time. A perfect addition to tub time and this can't be worse than owning a baby.


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