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Mafia 89: RECVMake Neighbor Day 1

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Last time on Rockford Island....

Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside were able to escape the island with a few different folks and with the future ahead.   

However, what was unknown to Claire and Steve is that Rockford island while being destroyed did have a secondary island where all sorts of experiements were done and was essentually a replica of Rockford island down to the littlest details.   

After some time with Chris Redfield, Clare learned about this second island and made a vow to herself to make sure there would be an end to everything that has to do with the remains of Rockford island or rather just The Island.

Claire takes Steve Burnside, the scientists and any other survivors back to the island to uncover what remains and what will be uncovered.

Notes for today's game day

The day will run for 48 hours so the day will close at Sunday 9 am PST.     There will be a Majority vote.  With 13 players alive, the majority vote will be 7 votes on one player and held for 1 hour.

After that there will be a 24 hour night action period.   I can start the next day sooner if I get all actions in and confirmation that you want to keep that action for the night.  You can change your action if you want to if I have not received all the actions within that 24 hour period.

Speaking of night actions if you were sent a separate PM than that mass PM I sent to everyone then you have a role.  If you did not receive an extra PM then you are a townie.

Clare Redfield can message me on here or on Discord your investigation or decide to save your investigation to use the following day.  You can save as many investigations as you want and you can use however the amount of those saved investigations you wish. So if you have 3 saved investigations you can use two of them and have left over till the next night where you have 2 for that night.

Steve Burnside can message me any protection orders during the night be it self protection and/or protecting another player.   Steve can self protect and someone else during the same night.

Sherry Burkin has the ability to send me a message of something they want to tell the thread. Sherry can also save a message to use two the following day.

Albert Wesker can message me their Mafia hit via the forums or on discord .  You can change your hit leading up to the 24 hour night period. 

Osmond Sadler can role block someone of their choosing alongside Weskers mafia hit.

Also note that if one of the Mafia teams are gone from the game then the remaining Mafia will have control of the Hits/neighborization for the rest of the game.

I think that is it.  if you have any questions let me know on the forums or on discord or even here in the thread and I will try to get back to you as soon as i can.

Alive players in the game.

Bungle 5
Mop it up
Luigi Dude

Welcome to Resident Evil

We'll wipe out the hostiles, but after that they're on their own.

Never seen a mutation like this before.

My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world.

Ayyy far out man, i'm looking to source more of these Small Herbs catch my drift? It's been 420 but like. Has it been 420? That's what i'm saying man

--- Quote from: Bungle4 on April 22, 2022, 01:16:52 PM ---My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world.

--- End quote ---

Ayyyyy 'sup Alice, where'd you leave the entrance to Wonderland? I'm very interested in the, uhhh, flora and agricultural produce of your region

Mop it up:
Vote Stratos

Pretty sure I heard him snarling last night. Someone said he was just snoring, but I ain't buying it.


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