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October 30, 2015

A Journey Through Modern Zelda WiiGC

by Andy Goergen - 11:31 am EDT
Total comments: 4

How does the GameCube crown jewel hold up?

I get the itch a few times a year; you know the one. The one where you forget about the lengthy tutorials and the boring fetch quests and just get that seriously strong urge to go explore Hyrule again. In recent iterations, Zelda games are substantial undertakings; while you can breeze through Link... Read more...

October 29, 2015

Drawing Conclusions From Popular Amiibo WiiU

by Neal Ronaghan - 11:20 am EDT
Total comments: 9

Nintendo released the stats for what Amiibo are selling best in each region. We go through the lists to see what’s fresh these days.

At the new Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima’s first investor presentation, he touched on Amiibo and the best-selling ones in each region. With more than 20 million Amiibo sold worldwide, the sales rankings for each region have quite the sample size, so let’s dive in and see what these lists say about each region and character.


October 28, 2015

Can Nintendo Save Their Holiday Lineup? WiiU3DS

by Justin Berube - 5:15 pm EDT
Total comments: 10

With Star Fox Zero delayed, can Nintendo do anything to save their holiday lineup?

Last month Nintendo revealed that their big gun this holiday, Star Fox Zero, has been delayed into 2016. That really left the company with a gaping hole in their November home console lineup, which is when they usually release their biggest game of the year. Now taking up that big holiday spot is... Read more...

October 27, 2015

A Good Case of the Plague WiiU3DS

by Justin Berube - 9:29 am EDT
Total comments: 1

The King Nintendo Fanboy shares his thoughts on the Shovel Knight expansion.

Shovel Knight was one of the games I was looking forward to most last year. As far as I'm concerned, the title delivered and it even made my list of top games for 2014. With that said, I still didn't seem to worship the game as much as my fellow staffers here on Nintendo World Report.

I was excited...

October 16, 2015

Making Zelda on Wii U the Best Ever

by Matt West - 7:56 am EDT
Total comments: 13

Lessons the Wii U game can learn from its predecessors.

It has been quite a while since the last, new console Legend of Zelda game was released. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword graced Nintendo Wii consoles around the world in November of 2011, and we’ve been waiting for its successor ever since. And while Nintendo lifted the lid on the Wii U’s... Read more...

October 15, 2015

The NintenDo List: 2015 Edition

by Donald Theriault - 4:24 am EDT
Total comments: 4

There's a giant backlog of rumors and announcements for Nintendo to clear really quickly.

We’ve been getting some news recently from unexpected sources for Nintendo. Normally a tight ship, recent days have had partners revealing stuff “soon”, hackers spoiling an ungodly number of Virtual Console releases and way too much smoke about game updates. Nintendo's "honey-do list" is getting to be quite lengthy.


October 13, 2015

Before Pokemon Go: Memories of Ingress Mobi

by Adam Abou-Nasr - 7:06 am EDT
Total comments: 4

Niantic’s involvement is enough to get me pumped for Pokémon Go. I was deep into their first war.

“Acquiring position. Downloading latest intel pack. Welcome back.”

The words hit me like a ton of bricks. Ingress’ soothing in-game rhythms flowed over me like a massive wave of baby blankets.

“Scanner disabled; location inaccurate” is displayed on my screen. The beautiful, all-metal... Read more...

October 5, 2015

On Death, Despair and Pandering Games 3DS

by Donald Theriault - 4:46 am EDT
Total comments: 8

Ultra Despair Girls makes Donald wonder just where a certain class of games can end up.

At the recent Eurogamer Expo (EGX), Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was asked about the possibility of a successor handheld following the PlayStation Vita. Yoshida’s response was simple, yet obvious: “The climate is not healthy right now”. This statement isn’t new to anyone... Read more...

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