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September 29, 1999

Multiplayer on Nintendo

by Michael Sell - 7:40 pm EDT

Brought to us by the N64 & enhanced by Dolphin, multiplayer games are at the crux of what make Nintendo enjoyable. Michael Sell writes an editorial on the subject.

Amongst all of these rumors, statements, and leaks about everything from how much ram it will have to how many polygons it will render, I find myself looking to the software, but most importantly, the aspect of the N64 that, at least to me, always made it rule over Sony. This of course being multiplayer gaming.


September 15, 1999

9.9.99 = BFD?

by Billy Berghammer - 10:00 pm EDT

Sega's Dreamcast Launch has come and gone... so what do people think?

9.9.99 has come and gone. Now you are probably wondering why a next generation Nintendo site would have an editorial dealing with a Sega product. Well, as I stated earlier this week on the site, I live in Minneapolis and the radio station I work at was the station picked to be on hand at the Dreamcast’s... Read more...

September 14, 1999

Our Perspective of Next Gen

by Shawn Sullivan - 6:40 pm EDT

Shawn Sullivan takes a look at our perspective of the next generation of video games. A "Top Ten" list of sorts, covering some of the most important aspects for games of the future.

After reading Kosta's great editorial on the console war from a software perspective, I got to thinking about what us, as gamers, were going to be looking for in our next-generation games, and what developers are going to be doing with the games. Now, mind you, my likes and dislikes may sway this editorial, but I am trying to look at the big picture.


September 3, 1999

Nintendo vs. Sony

by Kosta Andreadis - 10:00 pm EDT

A look at the Next-Generation Console War from the software perspective

Whenever a new console is announced the first thing a reader looks at is its technical prowess, believe me I do too. Of course the processor, RAM, polygon count are important and key factors, what is sorely missed by the reader is the fact that what really makes or breaks a console is games.

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